In a period of financial crises, where there are lots of homeowners behind on payments there are lots of companies offering foreclosure assistance too. So, homeowners seeking help to avoid foreclosure face another challenge of finding a short sale company who can they trust.

Being homeowner behind on payments first thing you should do is to find a company that has the experience of helping peoples in the situation same as yours. Do not hire someone who tries to show experience only through their statements. Before choosing a foreclosure assistance company, one must ensure the following:

  • Get a list of banks the company has worked with.
  • See if your bank is on the list
  • See how many banks are in that list.
  • Does the company have a vast experience with a variety of banks?

Secondly, try to find out how many people are their in the company or it’s just a one-man show? The nature of the short sale doesn’t allow for a single person to take all the responsibilities individually. Short sale process demands different skill levels that are needed at different stages which are impossible for one person have. Following positions with respective skills are required to run a successful shot sale organization:

Senior Home Solution Advisor

This position holds a great importance in short sale process. This is the first person who meets with homeowners behind on payments. His work is to figure out the number of options and finding the best one which works for the homeowners by closely observing the current situation.

The Processor

Their role is to get all the details from the banks and providing follow up.

Chief Negotiator

Their role is to negotiate with the bank.

Licensed Sales Agents

They help homeowners to transfer the property.

Other positions

Then there are Title Attorney and Escrow Agents. Then there can be many other roles depending upon the nature of the situation needed by the homeowner.

It is noticed that many foreclosure companies trap homeowners just through their marketing skills. Once the person is signed they typically drop the ball and don’t have the skill levels and contacts in the banks or patience needed to complete a short sale transaction. We have received calls from homeowners behind on payments who were already working with some other company but they weren’t getting desired results and wanted to switch to a better company.

Unfortunately, in many of those cases even a good foreclosure assistance company could not provide help to the homeowners to avoid foreclosure due to lack of time. Additionally, the previous companies did so many damages that it had become almost impossible to help the homeowners avoid foreclosure.

SaveUtahHomes advises: When looking for a Foreclosure Assistance company that you can trust, get a list of banks the potential candidates have worked with. In addition make sure you chose a team of qualified people not just a guy out of his car.