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We save homeowners behind on payments so they can avoid foreclosure and sell their home. The national average professional that helps homeowners is only 20% successful getting homes approved. We are able to save 90% of homeowners we work with from getting foreclosed on. Let us show you how our foreclosure assistance can SAVE you from foreclosure.

avoid foreclosure in Utah
  • We help stop foreclosure for 90% of the homeowners we work with (national average is 20%).
  • We can sell your home with no or minimal obligation to the bank. In other words you can sell your home and in most cases not have to pay the bank back any money.
  • We complete the short sale process in less time than the national average.
  • Our team has 19 years of experience working with homeowners behind on payments.
  • We save your credit from the devastating effects of foreclosure.
  • Our foreclosure assistance is completely confidential. Friends, relatives, and neighbors will never know.
  • Save you from the embarrassment and life altering effects of bankruptcy.
  • Stop the bank and their collectors from calling and harassing you.
  • We do not charge any fees whatsoever. We are compensated by the bank when we are successful at solving your problem.

Bottom line your home is the most important thing that your own. There are two things to avoid when choosing someone to work with. 1. Do not pay any money upfront. We don't think you should pay any money ever. We get paid by the banks when we come to a successful resolution. 2. Do not deed your property to a company! If you stay away from these two things you will never have a problem with a scam.

You have a 186% greater chance of saving your home from foreclosure by working with us versus or competitors. Why you may ask? We have years and years of experience in doing short sales. Most companies have only done a handful of short sales. We have helped hundreds of homeowners just like you.